Over the coming months we'll be announcing a full list of 'Exhibitor' we'll be having at the show.


Bone Art & other oddities are a small business designing,making and selling one of a kind unusual items using real animal bones,wet specimens and other oddities/curiosities.

Come say hi at the stall and see something a little different, we'll be glad to answer any questions.



Spellbound Craftz sell Goth/vampire figurines, steam punk masks, poison bottles, wall plaques, (various) horror wands, tarot cards, Ouija Boards, spell boxes, plus lots more.


Get your photo taken with Rottendead photo experience!
Rottendead provide unique photo experiences for birthday parties, weddings/events. We use scare actors to create horror scenes then take that perfect photo. Rottendead will have a prop that people can pose with at this event and have that wicked professional picture taken, also a new character will be unveiled at this event.


A Nottingham based freelance artist that produces original artwork in a range of materials, inspired by all sorts of pop culture - Horror, Sci Fi, Music, Tattoos, Graphic Novels and everything in between.

After a successful first full year trading and being super busy creating new pieces of work, they will have a range of designs (including lots of Horror!) available as various products - art prints, badges, coasters, t-shirts, coasters and more!

If you'd like to reserve any items or discuss any commissions beforehand, please get in touch!



I make “Furrilicious” cushions with faces! Anything from animals to skulls, orcs and monsters. I do bespoke work which mainly consists of copying pets’ faces.! I also produce a range of hand-knitted fairies, known as “Dark Fairies” knitted in monochrome colours, which take on and eerie “Undead” appearance!

Most recently I have developed a new brand called “Revamp” which involves up-cycling unloved handbags, wallets, purses, etc, by painting on them with leather dyes. They can be bought ready painted, or as commissions.

My Cushions, Fairies and Leather goods can all be custom made to fulfill your own fantasy! Just come and have a chat about your ideas!!

Website - www.angelahallamdesigns.com

Shelley Mostowfi (aka Lady Scream)

Shelley Mostowfi, aka Lady Scream – predominantly creates immersive art installations, and her work has a theatrical, disturbing edge.

She creates macabre, unique sculptural curiosities, doll repaints and wood burned Ouija boards.. Inspiration derives from surrealism, an obsession with dolls, a love of horror and a fascination with freakshow oddities.

Shelley is currently working on pieces exclusively for the Horror Con, and will be posting glimpses of what's to come, across her social media and website.

Happy Nightmares!


C L Raven are identical twins and mistresses of the macabre from Cardiff. They’re horror writers, as ‘bringers of nightmares’ isn’t a recognised job title. They spend their time looking after their animal army and drinking more Red Bull than the recommended government guidelines. They write short stories, novels, comics and articles for Haunted Magazine and Living Paranormal Magazine and have been published in various anthologies and horror magazines. Several short stories and novels have also been long and shortlisted in various competitions. Last year, they won third prize in the British Fantasy Society Award.

They were published in the Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper, which makes their fascination with him seem less creepy. They’ve been working on indie horror film, Clownface and will soon be writing and directing their first short horror film, The Black Kiss. Every Friday night, they host The Graveyard Shift on Vitalize Radio. Along with their friend Neen, they prowl the country hunting for ghosts for their YouTube show, Calamityville Horror and can also be found urb exing in places they shouldn’t be. They also gracefully fall off poles as they learn PoleFit, and ungracefully faceplant as they learn gymnastics.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CL-Raven-Fanclub-117592995008142/


El Swain is a horror and sci-fi illustrator based in Birmingham.

They work traditionally in ink and paint and have a range of one-of-a-kind originals, prints as well as being available for custom commission work. Their main interests are film, myths and legends and taxidermy, all which feature heavily in their work.

Living the creepy life while illustrating the strange and unusual.

Websites are https://www.facebook.com/ElSwainIllustration/


Bringing gruesome treats to your events. In short terms, we'll be there with popcorn and candy floss (possibly donuts), with a carnival stand, in full costumes.



Pixel Pics are handmade creations by Sam using picture beads. Sam can create almost an image by pixelated the picture and translating each pixel into a bead. If you can't see anything you want at his stall he also does commissions.


Spellbound Craftz sell Goth/vampire figurines, steam punk masks, poison bottles, wall plaques, (various) horror wands, tarot cards, Ouija Boards, spell boxes, plus lots more.


Myself (Tina) and my sister (Andy) started the business as we both enjoyed the dolls house hobby, but no one was selling the items we needed like heads in jars and all things horror.

We were the original horror/Halloween dolls house creators. We excel in the macabre and fantasy, our passion is horror. We sell all over the world and have featured in UK and USA dollhouses magazines.

We will have a go at making anything we are asked for and we have had some strange orders. I live in Heysham Lancashire and my sister lives in Somerset, so we cover most of the UK for fairs.


If Sir Digby Nevermoor had known of the creeping menace that awaited him in his expedition to the Muerte Valley he never would have set foot on the steam launch from Whitby that fateful day in June 1850.

What promised to be the botanical discovery of the Victorian age soon grew into an unimaginable nightmare from which Sir Digby barely escaped with his life, and some specimens of that malevolent plant Sanguis Vulgaris.

But it was when those dread tendrils rooted themselves in British soil at the heart of the Empire, that the world was to learn the full terror of what became known as Sir Digby Nevermoor’s Bloomin’ Horrors.

Specimens of Sir Digby’s Bloomin’ Horrors are now available to the discerning collector. Grown in North Yorkshire by Tony & Julie Partington, there are a range of plant varieties to bring an element of horror and humour to your home.



Anthony is a horror author from South Wales, currently living in the Forest of Dean. He has previously worked as a teacher, trainer, care manager and copywriter. He currently works in residential childcare, whilst building his writing career. He has been writing for over fifteen years, though only entered the world of self-publishing three years ago.

His writing has been compared to early James Herbert. The Tor in particular is a hunting chiller, with elements of gore. The Soul Bazaar is a collection of short stories that cover chillers, post-apocalyptica and psychological horror. Anthony also writes sci-fi, thrillers, and non-genre fiction, all of which could be classed as dark fiction. He also successfully writes non-fiction.



Mad About Horror are an online horror and Halloween specialist based near Beverley in East Yorkshire and sell a fantastic range of quality latex horror masks, animatronics, decorations & horror collectibles.

They pride themselves on their wide range of all things horrible, many of which are not widely available in the UK. Many of our items are specifically imported to the UK direct from the USA where the choice is amazing.



‘Paul Gerrard is a conceptual visionary who consistently produces work of mind bending originality.’

Miles Millar / Showrunner : The Shannara Chronicles

Paul Gerrard : Creator of Hellraiser Origins and conceptual designer for Hellboy ( 2018 ), The Shannara Chronicles, Battle LA, TMNT, Videodrome and many more. He has been at the forefront of imaginative dark art for the last 10 years and continues to shock and mesmerise audiences with his designs.

Paul will be launching his first ART OF book at Birmingham Horror Con. Gerrardian Volume 01 which contains early works of Bio-mechanical monstrosities, dark surrealism, pure body horror and esoteric symbolism presented in stunningly detailed monochrome.


Garreth Gibson is a professional illustrator/graphic designer currently based in Liverpool. He has worked on many independent horror shorts and feature films including ‘My Bloody Banjo’ and recently on a VHS web series for Monster Pictures.

His passion is creating art and prints based on his favourite Horror films and characters that inspire him the most. He has a love for classic horror and 80’s/90’s b-movie trash cinema from the likes of Troma, Full Moon and directors like Frank Henenlotter where Garreth tries to incorporate that outrageous, wild imagination into anything he does.

He will be selling his prints at Birmingham Horror Con and will be showcasing a couple of new pieces at his table.



Mostly Curious Games is a small independent art company. We aim to create variations on iconic popular culture images. Using classical themes from horror, sci-fi and fantasy we add our own (often steampunk) twist to produce unique art pieces. We are always happy to discuss our techniques and encourage others to have a go at creating their own work. These are some images of our latest horror pieces.

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